Adding to previous close cost of the USD was report at 107.07 $$

UBS adjusted its forecast for the USD/JPY currency pair, citing the strength of the US dollar as a key factor. The firm increased its quarter-end predictions for the pair to ¥155 for June 2024, followed by ¥152, ¥148, and ¥145 for the subsequent quarters through March 2025. The previous forecasts were set at ¥148, ¥145, ¥143, and ¥141, respectively.

The revision comes as the market adjusts its expectations for Federal Reserve rate cuts, which have been scaled back significantly. Additionally, UBS noted that short positions in the yen have reached extreme levels. These market dynamics have contributed to the perceived dislocation of the USD/JPY pair due to the robust performance of the US dollar.

UBS also provided guidance for investors who had previously sold USD/JPY, suggesting that those who took positions anticipating an upside risk for the pair at levels between ¥150–¥152 should consider converting back at these initial levels. After this conversion, investors could then look into engaging in additional positions.

The firm’s updated forecast reflects a belief that while ¥155 is not an absolute threshold, it is a level that is informed by current market trends, including the recalibration of interest rate expectations and the positioning in the yen. This guidance is aimed at helping investors navigate the currency markets amid these shifting conditions.

The new targets set by UBS for the USD/JPY currency pair are indicative of the firm’s analysis of the economic indicators and market sentiment at the time of the forecast. Investors and market watchers typically monitor such forecasts from major financial institutions to inform their trading strategies and expectations for currency movements.

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InvestingPro Insights
UBS’s revised forecast for the USD/JPY currency pair is underscored by the robust performance of the US dollar. To provide a broader context on the dollar’s recent strength, InvestingPro data shows a consistent uptrend in the dollar’s value. Over the past year, the dollar has experienced a 4.16% price total return, with a notable year-to-date increase of 4.62%. These figures reflect the currency’s strong position in the market.

Additionally, the previous close price of the dollar was reported at 106.08 USD, reinforcing the currency’s solid performance. This data aligns with UBS’s assessment, which may influence currency traders to consider the firm’s advice on the USD/JPY positions.

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Adding to previous close cost of the USD was report at 107.07 $$

Adding to previous close cost of the USD was report at 107.07 $$

Adding to previous close cost of the USD was report at 107.07 $$

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